Canada's quality flight training and high standards

It is not enough for a country or a flight school to just claim that they offer quality flight training. International students need to be reassured with concrete evidence that this is the case.

And prospective students need to be reassured that the training they take in a foreign country will be recognized by their home civil aviation authority.

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Here are five signs that the Canadian flight training program has high standards

  • The program meets ICAO standards
  • There is a well laid out plan for supervising junior instructors
  • Training follows lesson plans with detailed learning outcomes
  • Licence and rating testing follows a standard national system and is conducted by well trained Pilot Examiners
  • Indian students are reassured that the Canadian Commercial Pilot Licence is recognized the DGCA, their civil aviation authority.

Canada is unique in its robust database of flight training results. All exam results are collected and analyzed, exercise by exercise. Areas of weakness are pinpointed, and flight schools find out where they may need to review and upgrade their training.

This feedback loop has resulted in continuous improvement over the years, and a solid tool for flight schools to make sure they continue to reach and exceed the national standard.

FlyCanada schools are proud participants in this continuous improvement program.

This document "Learn to Fly for International Students" has everything you need to know about coming to Canada to fly.

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