ATAC Flight Schools Return to Ireland to Visit Dublin Training Exhibition 2016

Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) flight school members were excited to attend the Professional Flight Training Exhibition hosted at the Dublin Convention Centre in 2015.

First visit in 2015

Our Air Transport Association of Canada representative attended the Exhibition along with four Canadian ATAC school members. Flight schools on the trip hailed from two Canadian provinces, Alberta in the west and Ontario in central Canada. Alberta schools included the Calgary Flying Club and Super T Aviation in Medicine Hat. Ontario schools included Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre and Essential Helicopters.

Return visit 2016. Visit us at the Canada Booth

Now our ATAC representative and a group of ATAC schools returns to attend the February 2016 Professional Flight Training Exhibition. This time the group includes three of the original participants, Calgary Flying Club, Super T Aviation, and Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre. Ottawa Aviation Services is joining the group as well.

Look for us at the Canada booth where we welcome the chance to talk face to face with Irish students. During our visits we will describe how Irish students can enjoy significant cost saving for training and time building in Canada. We will also describe the various Canadian training locations Irish students could choose from. 

Our aim is to strengthen ties with student pilots from Ireland and other European countries, and to build relationships with Irish and English regulators. We hope to establish partnership with Irish Flight Schools where we can send our graduates who want to convert to an EASA licence.

We look forward eagerly to our visit.

Our current Dublin schedule includes meetings with our Dublin Trade Commissioner, Aer Lingus, the Irish Aviation Authority, Licence Standards, and Atlantic Flight Academy.

We are delighted to be invited along with representatives from the above groups to a dinner at the residence of the Canadian Ambassador to Ireland the night before the show.

Once we return to Canada this page will be updated with the exciting events we participated in. We will post helpful information for Irish and other students interested in training in Canada.  

Our training is not only first class, but less expensive than many European options. Our vast geography exposes trainees to varied and valuable training scenarios that will stand them in good stead throughout their pilot career.

Visit Us At The Canada Booth