Enriched flight training with Canada's weather and geography

Enriched flight training that helps build well-rounded pilot decision-making skills is built into the Canadian flight training experience. Canada's weather and diverse geography provides student pilots with ongoing opportunities to build their pilot decision making skills - a trait that airlines need and want in their First Officers.

The challenge of weather

One of the most obvious ways this happens is through exposure to a variety of weather challenges. Each trip provides the opportunity to assess risk and decide whether current conditions are safe for the trip.

The bonus to learning in this environment is that when graduates become airline pilots, they will be knowledgeable enough to assess risk based on ice, snow, rain, They will be able to make safe and knowledgeable decisions based on knowing and understanding a large range of weather situations and hazards.

Canada has almost every kind of weather graduates might ever encounter in their flying careers. The dramatic differences in our seasons mean that they will see a wide range of weather conditions as they go through the seasons of the year. They will lay down that strong foundation of weather experiences they need to make good weather decisions in their careers.

The challenge of geography

Geography poses equal challenges. The vast size of the country means that Canadian pilots fly in so many environments, often in the same day - high or low level controlled airspace, uncontrolled airspace, in mountain terrains and across northern lakes. Student pilots learn to plan carefully because they know that they cannot count on sunny southern skies, flat terrain, and landing fields or airports everywhere.

Canadian geography and weather - another Canadian training advantage!

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