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FlyCanada is a group of Canadian flight schools who are members of the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC).

Our group mission is to promote the Canadian brand of safe, high quality flight training to international students.

The demand for pilots is booming. Aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing predict that between now and 2035, the aviation industry will need to supply more than 617,000 Commercial Airline Pilots. At the same time, the capacity to produce these pilots at home is not sufficiently developed to meet the need. Meeting this demand will require innovative solutions focused on educational outreach and career pipeline programs.

Our schools offer solutions to the many students looking for safe high quality places to train. With a century of flight training experience behind us, we have the flight training capacity, skills and experience that today's international market needs.

Visit our Flycanada Schools page and find out more about the schools that are waiting to welcome you.

Why choose Canada for flight training?

Quality training with high standards. We not only claim to have quality training, we can show you the evidence. Go to our Quality Flight Training page to see why we can make this claim.

Safety. Canada is a world leader in promoting aviation safety programs, with Quality Assurance and Safety Management Systems becoming the norm in our flight schools. For more details see our Safe Flight Training page.

Diverse weather conditions and varied geography make for enriched flight training.Canada's weather and geography make for an enriched flight training experience that promotes better pilot decision-making skills and the kind of experience employers love when graduates return home. Find out more on our Enriched Flight Training page.

Put our century of flight training experience to your service. Come and fly Canada!

Watch this video about flight training with ATAC schools in Canada

About FlyCanada
About FlyCanada - We are a group of schools members of the Air Transport Association of Canada interested in promoting the Canadian brand of flight training abroad
Quality flight training
Canada's quality flight training is a direct result of its high flight training standards.
Aviation safety
Canada leads the way in promoting aviation safety in its flight schools and industry
Enriched flight training
Canada's weather and geography creates an enriched flight training environment where pilot decision making and risk assessment skills are honed
Flight training history
Canada has a rich flight training history. Its vast territory has been linked by aviation for a century.
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